Whether you're scouting new real estate, opening a new restaurant or renovating an existing location, we at One Garrido Consulting can help the process to be streamlined by being your guidance. Our many years of experience from the initial due diligence phase, zoning and land use, design concept to construction documents, permitting & licensing, menu identity, branding, we will make your journey much easier. From existing vacant land & facilities, to new ones, lounges and bars to cafeteria-sized, we can help you in the turn-key process. No land, facility or space is too big or too small. Contact us today to get started...

Bar & Lounge



consultants to the COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE, ZONING / LAND USE, restaurant & hospitality industry

The bar and lounge often are the first experience a restaurant patron has. We will guide you through the complete alcohol beverage licensing consulting process of your bar or lounge. Let us design, spec out and open your bar component of your restaurant.

Our design team will guide you through the identity process of your concept and branding with our varied experience in logo and menu design, branding development and marketing strategies.

We can provide comprehensive turn-key consulting services from conceptual stage to end-product. Our experienced team of zoning / land use, designers, consulting architects and engineers, provide the knowledge to get your project off the ground from start, including the initial location identification, commercial real estate consulting, land or building acquisitions, planning phase, through permitting, construction management, licensing and start-up.